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AM2 – Artificial Mastication Advanced Machine
University of Auvergne


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Welcome on the internet site of the Mastication platform. This platform proposes a tool : an artifical mastication machine named AM2 - Artificial Mastication Advanced Machine developped in collaboration with protolab.fr.

The platform is located in the CROC laboratory - Clinical Odontology Research Center (EA 4847 / UDA), Clermont-Ferrand College, University of Auvergne.



Why a mastication machine ?
Access inside the mouth is normally impossible during mastication. This machine has been devised to simulate the chewing function, to reproduce a bolus while allowing a permanent control of the process and a possible collection of the whole bolus any time.

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You can contact the AM2 team for any inquiry concerning collaborations and service provisions.  

Last update : 29/07/2010